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Why are trees important?

Trees are important for many reasons. As tree experts, we understand that there are many instances where it’s necessary to cut down trees, but there are also many instances where, with the right tree management, trees can be preserved. And here’s why: Trees keep us alive by providing oxygen We need oxygen to survive and […]

Tree health care by Brisbane tree experts

Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) now offer soil injection treatments to promote healthy trees throughout the urban environment. Here at BTE “we care about your trees living” and we are now providing our clients with a soil injection treatment designed specifically to improve and enhance the health and vitality of many of the valuable tree assets […]

Our top tips for finding a qualified arborist

At Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) we hear this comment all too often ‘It can’t be that hard to cut a tree down! I’ll just chuck a rope in it and pull it over with the fourby’ or ‘I’m going to Bunnings to buy a chainsaw.’ Generally, this thinking only leads to damage to property or […]

Feature Tree: The Macadamia

This genus of tree consists of 8 species of evergreen rainforest trees, 7 of which are native to coastal eastern Australia. They grow into compact trees often attaining dimensions of 5 to 10 metres in crown spread and reaching heights of 8 to 15 metres. There are 2 common species of this tree often found […]

Does my tree need cable bracing?

Urban trees are surrounded by people, property and various other infrastructure that can sometimes be at risk from tree related failures. There are a range of options that modern Arborists can implement to provide supplementary support to trees to reduce any identified risks. Trees with identifiable structural defects such as included bark and co-dominant stems […]

Artificial tree props and supports

Forming natural tree props by establishing aerial roots at Bulimba Memorial Park is great, but this only works on particular species of trees, as not all trees produce this type of unique root growth. Sometimes trees that don’t produce these roots need a little support too! There are a variety of options available in today’s […]

5 ways to avoid getting ripped off by tree loppers!

Local householders distressed and overcharged by door knocking Tree Loppers Brisbane Tree Experts warn householders to be aware of the pitfalls of using unqualified and uninsured tree contractors, especially when it comes to dangerous trees. Door knocking tree loppers rarely have the necessary insurances let alone the required equipment to perform the job safely. As […]