Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) now offer soil injection treatments to promote healthy trees throughout the urban environment. Here at BTE “we care about your trees living” and we are now providing our clients with a soil injection treatment designed specifically to improve and enhance the health and vitality of many of the valuable tree assets that we are lucky enough to manage.

This type of treatment can assist in minimising water reliance whilst maximising nutrient availability to promote optimum tree health and sustainability. These treatments can also be invaluable when dealing with stressed trees suffering from pest and disease problems. Our specialised equipment injects stimulants directly into the root zone of the tree where it becomes immediately available for the uptake by the root system. This application process also assists in reducing soil compaction and aerates the root zone thus enhancing the trees growing environment and its ability to produce new root growth.

We cannot really ‘feed’ trees as they produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis, so BTE treatments are designed specifically to improve the trees natural growing environment. Treatments provide basic fertiliser components of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium but more importantly both introduce trace elements and mobilise existing micro-nutrients within the trees growing environment to become readily available for uptake by the tree roots.


In addition, the soil injection treatments significantly increase microbial activity within the soil profile by providing a simple food source for various micro-organisms, bacteria, fungi and protozoa which are of great importance to the good health and well-being of our trees. The treatments are completely non-invasive to the trees and substantially improve soil aeration, nutrient availability, water infiltration and retention and can be extremely beneficial in promoting resistance to pests and diseases. These treatments can also assist in unlocking and breaking down toxic elements within the soil profile.

Healthy trees are happy trees with increased amenity and aesthetic values and often lower levels of risk. Healthy trees also add value to our homes and gardens. By improving a trees growing environment we can increase the value of the tree and improve the vigour and longevity of the specimen so it can be enjoyed for many years to come. So why not call the BTE team today to discuss how our tree health care treatments can assist you.

About the author: Dave is a qualified, experienced and passionate arborist working with the awesome team at Brisbane Tree Experts. Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your tree management requirements. ‘We care about your trees living”


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