Boat Licence Queensland (BLQ) places great value on the relationship of trust and respect that exists between itself and its customers – candidates who have booked a place on a course, or who are currently engaged in a course. BLQ also recognises that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and the following policy addresses possible scenarios.

Where Boat Licence Queensland cancels a course

In the unlikely event that BLQ is required to cancel a course, for whatever reason, course candidates will have the option to transfer to the next available course without prejudice or additional cost. Alternatively a full refund will be issued on request.

Where a candidate withdraws prior to course commencement

Where a candidate opts to withdraw from a course more than 24 hours prior to the planned course commencement time, they will have the option of transferring to another available course without additional cost.

Should a candidate withdraw from a course less than 24 hours prior to course commencement, they will forfeit all fees paid and will need to pay the full fee amount in the event that they re-book on any future course.

Where a candidate withdraws after course commencement

Where a candidate withdraws from a course after it has commenced, no refund will be given, and no credit will be given for training items already completed, under any circumstances.

Circumstances of serious illness or personal hardship

A candidate who withdraws either before or during a course for reasons of serious illness or personal hardship will have the option of either transferring fees to a future available course, or, at the absolute discretion of BLQ,  obtain a refund. In the case of illness, a medical certificate will be required. In the case of a refund, a 25% cancellation fee will apply. No recognition will be given for any training items already completed.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates issued by BLQ have 12 months validity from the date of issue, and courses need to be booked to occur within that period. Once the 12 month period is exceeded, no refund will be given, and the certificate will no longer be redeemable.