Trees are important for many reasons. As tree experts, we understand that there are many instances where it’s necessary to cut down trees, but there are also many instances where, with the right tree management, trees can be preserved. And here’s why:

Trees keep us alive by providing oxygen

We need oxygen to survive and we depend on trees to provide this oxygen. In order to make food for themselves, trees go through a process known as photosynthesis where they take in carbon dioxide from the air, and release oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Trees improve our health

Breathing cleaner air is good for our bodies and minds, and trees are one of nature’s greatest air purifiers.

Trees help us save money

Trees provide shade to backyards, homes and office spaces. As a result, rooms and office spaces remain naturally cooler, reducing the need to use air conditioning as often.

Trees support insects, birds and native wildlife

Trees support an array of beautiful, native wildlife in our neighbourhoods. In Brisbane we are fortunate to have hundreds of koalas feasting on gum trees on any given day. While wildlife is vital for our ecosystems, the various animals also provide character and uniqueness to a community.

Trees act as a sound barrier, reducing noise

Strategically-placed trees can act as effective sound barriers, muffling the noise of cars, people and other sounds.

Trees increase property values

If you’ve heard of the term ‘leafy suburbs’, you’ll know that properties in these suburbs usually command a higher asking price than those that aren’t as leafy. Why? Because the fully-established trees provide a natural, earthy and welcoming ‘feel’ to the neighbourhood.

The houses in these tree-rich suburbs are not necessarily bigger or more beautiful than houses in other suburbs, but their trees usually are!


Trees provide privacy by acting as living screens

Trees provide beautiful barriers, allowing us to have privacy in our yards and work spaces.

Trees inspire social interaction

Trees are a magnet for social interaction! They encourage people to pack a picnic and share stories under their cool shadow; and on hot days, people love nothing better than to relax under their shade. Trees are also a wonderful talking point between adults, as well as between adults and their children.

As you can see, trees are the bee’s knees

Trees provide so many benefits, from keeping us alive to keeping our electricity bills down. That’s why we try to preserve them to the best of our ability.

Glenn Walton is the owner and director at Brisbane Tree Experts. Brisbane Tree Experts is a family-owned tree maintenance and tree removal business that has been trusted by the people of Brisbane for over 35 years.

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