Tree lopping can be described as the method of pruning several segments of a tree. The looping may include clearing limbs or branches away or making the trunks short. Regarding the process of looping and how it is practiced there are two different views. There are some people that believe that the process of looping has a lot of benefits while there are other people that believe the process of looping should not be practiced.

A method of tree looping is associated with the landscaping process. In this situation, the major aim of the tree lopper is to reshape the existing trees so that they go in accordance with the overall design of the landscape. This may include trimming the limbs and branches so that the shape of the tree can be adjusted. If the aim is to reduce the tree’s height then the process of looping may include taking away all the limbs and branches along with a section of the trunk. When new branches start to grow they are managed to grow in the desired directions, most times making use of guide wires.

This drastic method is occasionally used when a disaster such as lightning occurs and gets a tree damaged. The reason for using this method is to give the tree a chance to flourish by removing the part that is damaged and not alive anymore. In such situations the tree will start to grow new branches and at last will get back its former physique and power.

There are times tree lopping is used as a way of improving the property in such a manner that is not linked directly with the landscaping. For instance, a tree may be taken away because it blocks a lovely view from the inside of the house. Also the tree may be very near to the house allowing leaves to gather on the roof. It could also be seen as essential to take away a tree after a swimming pool has been installed. There are also house owners who will decide on doing tree lopping in order to reduce the chances of the tree falling on the house especially during bad weather.

There are people who do not see tree lopping as being beneficial. During certain periods of the year when the tree is looped the chances of the whole tree dying from the process increases. There is also the chance where cuts have occurred can lead to the tree being vulnerable to decay as well as various fungi and bacteria that make other parts of the tree become rotten.

When it comes to some trees, the latest growth that spouts from the section of the cut may be as strong as the remaining parts of the tree or may not. This can lead to a situation where the tree will be unable to get back its former splendor. Also the new growth can happen very fast making it essential that each season the tree lopping is repeated. This is principally true when carving trees as part of the overall landscape system.

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