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As a final point for discussion I would like to comment on some of the negative aspects of using grass clippings as a form of organic mulch, particularly around the bases of trees, as I so often see this occurring throughout the urban environment.

Firstly, there should no longer be the collection and build-up of grass clippings resulting from the manicuring of lawns within the urban environment. The best and most beneficial way to achieve this is by using mulch attachments on your mower which spread the clippings throughout the lawn being mowed. This rapidly breaks down within the lawn and improves the general health and condition of the lawn, without generating piles of unwanted garden waste.

There are a range of potential negative impacts resulting from the build-up of grass clippings around the bases of trees on their general health and condition and I have listed the most common of these below.


About the author: Dave is a qualified, experienced and passionate arborist working with the awesome team at Brisbane Tree Experts“We care about your trees living”. And we hate seeing piles of grass clippings around the stems of trees!

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