Brisbane Tree Experts 100 Tonne Crane Tree Removal Mater Hospital

BTE were engaged to remove a line of large trees creating issues with the surrounding buildings. A very intracate job considering where the crane and crew had to be set up. Check out the full 100 Tonne Crane Tree Removal Mater Hospital segment below.

Getting Technical in the CBD at St John’s Cathedral

Brisbane Tree Experts recently worked on the large hill section on the Adelaide Street side of St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane’s CBD. We had large cactus and large trees which were encroaching over the road, and a lot of dead timber which had been falling over the bus lane and pedestrians, which we had to […]

Tree Removals – Mater Hospital

We have been providing comprehensive tree management services to the Mater Hospital for the past 4 years, and were recently engaged to remove some problematic tree specimens which were unfortunately having a severe impact on one of the hospital’s main buildings. In order to remove these problematic trees a 100 tonne crane was used on […]

What is tree lopping

Tree lopping can be described as the method of pruning several segments of a tree. The looping may include clearing limbs or branches away or making the trunks short. Regarding the process of looping and how it is practiced there are two different views. There are some people that believe that the process of looping […]