The golden rules of garden mulch – Part 1

Much like people, garden mulch can be found in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours, so how do we know which mulch is best to use, particularly in relation to the long term health of our trees? Generally speaking, mulches can be divided into two main categories, being organic and non-organic, and whilst […]

The golden rules of garden mulch – Part 2

Now let’s look at some of the additional benefits that can be achieved by using organic mulches as opposed to non- organic varieties such as gravel or pebbles. Over time the breakdown of organic material adds valuable nutrients and trace elements to the soil that are required for tree growth. This gradual breakdown of the […]

The golden rules of garden mulch – Part 3

As a final point for discussion I would like to comment on some of the negative aspects of using grass clippings as a form of organic mulch, particularly around the bases of trees, as I so often see this occurring throughout the urban environment. Firstly, there should no longer be the collection and build-up of […]