Those of you that follow us on Facebook will know that Glenn recently claimed the Pionciana tree as the company’s official tree. Those of us that live in sunny Brisbane will no doubt already be familiar with this striking tree. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to tell you all a little more about the species.

The Delonix regia, or as it is more commonly known Poinciana, is grown extensively throughout Brisbane suburbs featuring in many streets, parks and private residential gardens alike. Whilst somewhat of an archetypal Brisbane tree, the species is actually endemic to western forests of Madagascar.

The species has been extensively cultivated and introduced to many tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world due to its high ornamental value and use as a shade tree. The broad spreading crown and dense foliage of mature trees provide almost full shade beneath.

The compound and doubly pinnate leaves of the tree have a delicate and feathery appearance, and the mass of large scarlet flowers are quite spectacular when the trees are in full bloom sometime between December and February.

The species will generally attain a maximum height of around 12 metres in good conditions but can be extremely broad spreading, forming an umbrella like tree crown at maturity, with foliage supported on large diameter extending lateral branches.

The trunks and base of the tree also provide a high aesthetic benefit at maturity forming large buttress and surface roots that can be quite a spectacle. So as long as you have plenty of room, and if you need a bit of shade, why not plant a stunning Poinciana tree!

About the author: Dave is a qualified, experienced and passionate arborist working with the awesome team at Brisbane Tree Experts. “We care about your trees living”. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and discuss your tree management requirements

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