Specification 1: Crown Lifting

The term crown lifting refers to the removal of the lower branches from an individual tree to a given height above ground level and is achieved either by the removal of whole branches or by the removal of only those parts which extend below the desired clear height.     This basic form of tree […]

Specification 2: Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is defined as the removal of a proportion of the small secondary live branch growth from throughout a tree crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well spaced and balanced branch structure. Crown thinning does not usually include the removal of inner branches from the central area of the crown […]

Specification 3: Branch Removal

Branch removal can be broadly defined as the removal of a discrete and complete part of the tree structure. This operation may be undertaken for a range of reasons such as providing clearance from surrounding structures or to remove generally undesirable portions of growth specific to a client’s individual needs. The removal of individually identified […]

Specification 4: Dead-Wooding

The removal of dead wood from trees is the only form of management via tree pruning that is not detrimental to the long-term health of your trees. For the purpose of this description, dead-wooding can be broadly defined as the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches from the tree’s crown. When managing trees within […]

Getting Technical in the CBD at St John’s Cathedral

Brisbane Tree Experts recently worked on the large hill section on the Adelaide Street side of St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane’s CBD. We had large cactus and large trees which were encroaching over the road, and a lot of dead timber which had been falling over the bus lane and pedestrians, which we had to […]

Tree trimming during storm season

Heavy rain along with a lot of wind can be a nightmare for trees that are stressed and weak and can lead to their branches getting broken or the trees being displaced. This is why you need to prepare your trees for the storm season. When storm season comes around it can bring along some […]

Should I Trim or Remove My Tree

When a tree has problems, it is important to come to a decision on whether to trim or remove the tree. Trees have a lot of benefits such as making your house beautiful, giving shade to your property and it can also increase the value of your property. Trees also help to hold the soil […]