Brisbane Tree Experts have gone Totally Wild!

BTE were recently lucky enough to be involved in the ‘Cool Gigs’ segment on Channel 10’s TOTALLY WILD children’s TV Show. Our job today was looking after a massive Sydney Blue Gum.  We removed all the deadwood to make it safe, before focusing on the removal of the mistletoe which is a semi-parasitic.  What this means […]

Newstead House Root Crown Investigation

It’s not just about tree pruning and removal! Brisbane Tree Experts are preferred Arboricultural Consultants for Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council, providing compre-hensive consultancy services to assist local governments with the management of public tree assets. Within this role we are lucky to be involved with the care and maintenance of some […]

Habitat pruning in the urban environment – Part 1

As contracting arborist’s working throughout the urban environment in south-east Queensland, Brisbane Tree Experts frequently encounter large trees which our clients wish to remove. This often results from a concern with regard to the safety of the trees within their growing environments, and can be driven by a trees propensity to shed or drop large […]

Habitat pruning in the urban environment – Part 2

Earlier in our BTE Blogs we talked about the importance of retaining natural habitat within the urban environment whilst addressing potential risks associated with the failure or structural collapse of dead and/or dangerous trees. So why is the retention of these types of trees so important? Many species of wildlife utilise tree hollows for nesting, […]

Habitat pruning in the urban environment – Part 3

So now you have seen the Brisbane Tree Experts team doing what we do best! The large and important landscape tree can now be safely retained in close proximity to the surrounding built environment, and will continue to provide important habitat into the future. So what other pruning techniques can we apply as qualified arborist’s […]

Tree Maintenance – Part 1

Are your trees growing to their full potential? Are you getting the best out of your tree maintenance? As qualified arborists, we provide our clients with a wide range of tree maintenance solutions, to assist them in managing their most valuable and often loved assets, their trees! Unfortunately, we all too often see poor tree […]

Tree Maintenance – Part 2

Specification 1: General crown thinning and tidying. The general crown tidying and thinning of your trees can be broadly defined as: The removal of dead, dying or diseased branch wood from throughout the tree crown. See also Specification 2: Dead-wooding. (next blog) The removal of broken branches or branch stubs which have been retained from […]

BTE’s Useful Watering Tips

Many of us turn on the sprinklers during in the dry months and the hotter months to keep a nice green lawn. But does this benefit the trees as well? By following these basic rules, we can be wise with our H2O usage. When should I water? The best time to water is during the […]

Tree Termites

For the contracting and consulting Arborist inspecting and advising clients on trees with suspected termite nests is common place, especially in the warmer parts of Australia where the most destructive species are found. Termites (White Ants) are social insects living together in large colonies with an organised social structure, each termite caste performing a particular […]

To lop or not to lop?

Choosing an appropriately qualified arborist to care for your trees is extremely important. You wouldn’t accept or engage an untrained electrician or plumber for obvious reasons, so why settle for less when working on your trees? The term ‘tree lopping‘ refers to the indiscriminate ‘topping’ or ‘lopping’ of your trees in a way which does […]